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Successful SLCV and High School Parents Association partnerships results in CCTV systems.


St. Louis College Valenzuela celebrated last SY 2009-2010 the installation and roll-out of its closed-circuit television system in partnership with the High School Parents' Association.

Realizing that security, safety, and behavioral improvements can be made with modern technology, St. Louis College Valenzuela together with the High School Parents Association successfully carried out one of its more ambitious projects todate with a complex system of 16 CCTV's in strategic places throughout the Maysan campus.

Its processes include the use of multiple pan, tilt and zoom-in cameras (PTZ) that are monitored from a central control panel as well as being viewable and controllable over the network. There is also video clip recording for documentation purposes without violating privacy rights and a switcher that allows the operator to call up different camera feeds into view or even view multiple cameras simultaneously.

The adage, "It is better to be safe than sorry", is a must for all. CCTV's bring a more practical way of monitoring the strict observation of discipline and the implementation of school rules and policies in the campus. Mere knowledge of its presence gives a sense of awareness that somebody is watching and guides students intrinsically to be mindful of their behavior and actions. They also facilitate better access control for employees and visitors, thus promoting a safer working environment.

It even tightens security measures against unauthorized entrances and misconducts within the confines of the campus. These state-of-the-art technologies provide the much needed sense of being safe and secure while accumulating learning and working at the same time in a friendly and worry-free environment. It is truly a very big and innovative blessing to the Louisian community.