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Explanation and Reminder to the Community Regarding SLCV's Gadget Policy (REPRISED)

18 September 2017



I hope to remind and explain to the community regarding St. Louis College Valenzuela’s policy on personal, portable electronics. Simply put, ever since they became widely available, personal electronics are not allowed for students on campus and are highly discouraged even for faculty, staff, and other employees.

There are several reasons for this. First, depending on their use, they can be highly distracting. Second, while they may become tools for learning, they can also be used in negative ways. For example, a device may be used to spread false or malicious stories or edited pictures. Also, it may be used to illicitly obtain test answers the same way it can be used for honest research. For the latter, there are loanable computers at the library if not the computer laboratory during ‘free time.’

Third, portable electronics for personal use are simply too great a temptation because they are too easily hidden or re-sold and because many of our countrymen are too poor and unenlightened. It would not be too much to say that their mere presence poses a threat to yourselves as well as a temptation to others. Fourth, they are too easily borrowed, neglected, and damaged, inadvertently or otherwise.

Often, victims tend to look outward when they are victimized. And the usual suspect is security. Of course, the opposite side of the coin is that security always comes at a price – be it in the form of money for vaults and guards or convenience in the form of inspections. This price is almost always underestimated by the recent victim unless he or she is the one who has to pay.

St. Louis College Valenzuela has invested quite a bit for its security even as its community has grown. Both the number of guards, quality of security agencies, and even CCTV cameras have increased several-fold. It’s primary purpose, however, is to protect the people on the campus as well as campus facilities and equipment – in that particular order.

Why, then, have we not chosen to provide strict and uniform penalties for their mere possession? First, if even supposedly secure facilities such as national reserves and prisons who spend hundreds of millions have security broken, doesn’t it seem like what you are paying for is really just a false sense of security? Second, is anyone really willing to pay that much for said false sense of security? Third, the administration believes that, in theory, situations can exist when the possession of the said electronic device may be worth the greatest price of all; that is, saving a life. Fourth, we don’t believe it is within our purview to deprive someone who merely wishes to save a life from the object of their salvation.

In sum, personal electronic devices are prohibited for students and highly discouraged for all others. That being said, we have not provided a specific punishment for it unless it is used improperly or irresponsibly. But should you lose it or if it is used against you, be forewarned. After all, we wouldn’t want you punished more than you have already been.
Suffice it to say that if you bring it with you with a goal of potentially saving a life, it would have been worth the price.



Raymond O. Luciano
SLCV President